duminică, 23 mai 2010

De ceva timp am o obsesie cu florile si acel tip de pictura pe care americanii il numesc "still life".
Asa ca am mai facut inca doua lucrari , sper sa va placa
carton panzat , 24x30cm

Hello! I do have an obssesion about "still life painting" and here are the results! Enjoy! canvas board 24x30cm

Si a doua panza pe sasiu 25x20cm
And the second , stretched canvas 25x20cm.

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  1. Thank you so much for your comment Cristina, I appreciate your comment. You'r paintings are lovely, they have so much mood to them. Glad that I am able to see your work! Take care.

  2. Thanks Jonathan for your comment! I enjoy and learn your lessons!