duminică, 18 iulie 2010

Hello! This painting I will dedicate to Jonathan, hope that he'll comment this work.
Salutare! Am mai facut un asa zis "still life" se pare ca nu ma pot dezice asa usor de acest stil.
canvas board 24x30cm

2 comentarii:

  1. Hi Cristina,

    Thank you so much for painting this and I will love to critique it, I will start first with the values of all your colors. I think it'll be good to look at the values in all your objects your painting in this picture, for example the vase could go a bit darker around the edges in order to make it look more realistic that the forms turning. The green leaves as well can go darker in some areas to push some leaves back and have some coming forward, same goes with the teal cloth that the vase and orange slice is resting on. It seems that the only middle to dark value it has is the cast shadow coming from the orange peel, it seems to me there should be more especially coming from the back of the vase and also where the vase meets the background should be another. What I am saying basically about your values is that you have to push them lighter and darker in order to give the feel of realism because now they seem a little to flat its just one value for all objects.

    The other important thing to take into account with this painting is the edges, all your edges seem to be semi-hard when I paint I always try to keep in mind to keep the edges soft and in some places sharper. Its a good rule of thumb wherever you want the focal point to be is where you will have the sharpest edges, edges will always make or break a painting so learning how to manipulate them will further advance your painting. For example with the vase I would soften all the edges to it especially to show that the forms turning, have some areas softer than others once you do this you will so your form change dramatically especially to depict realism.

    For now I want you to just concentrate on pushing your values darker to make the form more round and also work on pushing your edges softer and knowing where to make it sharper. Then send me the pic of your changes and we will take it from there! Keep up the great work so far, thank you again and its a pleasure critiquing your work!

    Oh and remember have fun with the painting!

  2. Hi , Jonathan , I will try to follow the instructions. I'm busy with the problems at my work, and in a few weeks I'll go on holiday, so i will send you the new painting after this period.
    Thanks again for your advices